Roof Cleaning

The Best Roof Cleaning in Florida

Roof cleaning will make your home beautiful and improve the value of your property as well. Our soft wash service is designed to clean without gouging holes in your roof that can cause seepage and water damage. The soft pressure wash removes algae, mold and other growth on roofs. It reveals the original color and design of your roofing and prevents damage from microbial overgrowth. We help owners subdue years and years of irregular cleaning patterns with our unique solutions.

Why Choose Professional Roof Cleaning Services?

Water washing and abrasive DIY cleaners can waste your time and energy.

If you want long-lasting, exceptional results then it is time to invest in professional roof cleaning.

Neglecting the built-up algae or mold on your roof can damage the structure of your property inside out. Saving on professional roof cleaning is doing more harm than good for your property.

We specialize in:

  • Roof cleaning services for mold and mildew
  • Pressure wash for residential properties
  • Algae removal through pressure washing
  • Built-up grime removal through soft washes
  • Soft wash for roofs
  • Floor and ramp cleaning services
  • Exterior cleaning services for commercial properties
  • Sidewalk, awning and window cleaning
  • Pressure washing for terraces
  • Pressure washing for tile and grout
  • Exterior washing services for residential properties
  • Exterior washing services for industrial properties

We offer roof cleaning services in Volusia County, Seminole County, and the rest of the State of Florida. 

Contact Action Plus Pressure Cleaning today to request an estimate.

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