About Us

Our story

We have more than 14 years of experience in the pressure washing industry. Our passion for the state of the art technology and equipment makes our facility one of the best options for pressure washing and soft washes locally. We deal with homeowners, businesses, restaurants and offices who are very picky when it comes to choosing service providers for their property. And, we love producing exceptional results and surprising our clients each time.

Pressure Wash Vs. Soft Wash

Many property owners get confused between the two terms. We believe in using a less abrasive approach where possible and required. Our philosophy is to do what is best for the client in the long run. This long-term approach helps us in understanding which of both options fit your needs better. It has helped us attain the reputation of being the best pressure washing service in Florida. Our Services

Our Team

We believe in hiring the best talent from the entire state. When hiring our team looks for the right skill set and the right attitude. We train our team extensively and teach them the domain craft that we have perfected over 14 years of hard work. Our technicians and cleaners are only sent to a job site when they are the perfect fit for the job at hand. Each member works towards a 100% client satisfaction rate.

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