Bring Your Brick Wall Back to Life with Soft Washing

If you’re living in a brick house, you surely understand the hassle of maintaining the captivating red or brown hues of bricks.

However, you simply have no other choice but to keep your brick surfaces good-looking for the sake of your curb appeal.

Due to exposure to elements, bricks tend to fade, get dirty, and sometimes mold and fungi tend to grow on them. For this reason, many homeowners would opt for pressure washing to relieve the dirt off their brick walls and keep a clean look.

Sure, power washing is an effective technique, but bricks are not designed to withstand the hydro-blasting power of pressure washers.

Here’s why:

  • Bricks are porous but not waterproof. What this means is they easily retain water which with time will cause damage or decay, leaving your brick surfaces chipped and ugly.
  • Pressure washing causes the brick surfaces to corrode, blasting away the protective surface and leaving the brick surface vulnerable to erosion.
  • Plus, the high pressure can permanently cause damage to your brick surface.

So, what’s the best solution?

Brick walls require delicate care to bring them back to life. Simply put, soft washing is the ideal way of brick cleaning.

Not only does soft washing get the cleaning job done, but it also protects both the brick’s appearance and the structural integrity of the brick wall.

Rather than making your brick surface vulnerable to surface damage (like pressure washing), soft washing does make the brick material more resilient to damage.

So, if you’ve been employing pressure washing for brick surfaces, it’s time to switch to soft washing.

Let Action Plus Pressure Cleaning Inc Handle your Brick Cleaning Needs

We’re the best brick and concrete cleaners in Deltona, FL.

We understand how delicate brick surfaces are; that is why we offer soft wash for brick floors, soft wash for bricked walls, and leave pressure washing for the harder surfaces.

We can give your property the best exterior cleaning at an affordable price. We only require your permission.

So, if interested give us a call.

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